Cleaning FarmHer Style

I know that I’m not the only FarmHer around that struggles in keeping up with cleaning the house. I despise cleaning. Dishes, laundry, dusting, vacuuming, you name it. It sucks. Now I still do it, because I hate living in a pig sty more (well most of it, what mom has time to dust?!) But cleaning the barn on the other hand? Now that’s a different story…

Last weekend was our shearing weekend. This is the start to my favorite time of year and I made a post about it previously which can be found here. To gear up for shearing day, I make myself clean our entire house. This year we ended up with over a dozen people in our small little starter house for lunchtime. Our house is tiny with no storage and we have growing babies, plus this was right after Christmas, so I was stressing out. I hated every minute of it but finally got finished the morning everyone was arriving…

After the shearing was done, we were looking at how to set up our gates to use for the next several months and planning where everything was going to go. We lamb in a large open Morton building style barn. The only permanent walls are one that goes straight down the middle, and we have an “office” in one corner that used to be the milk room when it was used as a dairy. So the rest of our gates are all temporary. We move things around as we go. This can be a pain but it really helps with the way our operation is set up. We’d already cleaned the manure out with the skidloader and gotten it down to the base layer.

So technically the barn was already “clean”. But as I looked at the pile of stuff near the door, it didn’t feel clean. I knew that if we didn’t get it tackled now, it would be another year before we’d have a chance. So after some pushing and prodding, we had everyone on board.

The “pile” consisted of two bulk bins (only one still worked), a chest of drawers, a heat houser off of a tractor that was so dry rotted, twisted, and busted up that it was useless, feed sacks, bags of mineral, bags of salt (some of which were now blocks of salt with a bag around it), buckets (some were busted), broken pallets, a bad tire, rolls of baling twine… you get my point. Why was this stuff even here?! Basically, this spot of the barn is the catchall. If it was in the house, it’d be the junk drawer. The problem is, we don’t farm alone, and this isn’t our stuff. This is Grandpa’s. So everything we went through, we made sure to check with him. It made it a little slow going, but we always try to be as respectful as possible.

But y’all this cleaning was fun! I felt so much pride and took a quick snap when we were done. We yanked out the bad bulk bin with a chain and it’ll go to scrap. From there, we cleaned up all the trash, took a few keeper items up to the loft for storage, used the skidloader to level out the ground ( from where the bulk bin came out), and sorted all of our feed and mineral so they were nicely stacked on pallets. We cleaned out enough room that we can now park our skidloader where the old bulk bin went, and it’s out of the way so we can pull our new tractor in the door now as well.

This is the cleaning life for me 😉

What about you? Do you prefer cleaning the house or the barn?

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