Easy Wine Bottle Painting

easy wine bottle painting craft

It’s no secret that it can be difficult for farmers to get out and have some fun. We don’t really seem to have a slow season because we have such a varied farm. Because of this, I have to get a little creative when I want to have a “girl’s night”. Luckily, my friends are very understanding and are super flexible about what we do, as long as it involves wine 🙂

Last winter, I wanted to put together a craft night. Fortunately, I didn’t have to put in much effort to save up our “craft supplies”. And I think this counts as recycling too, right? I actually did put some thought into it so I’d have some different shaped bottles to use ( don’t worry, they were still all cheap haha!).

When the night came, we spread out newspapers in my driveway and grabbed our spray paint. This definitely could’ve been done ahead of time, but I didn’t even think about it. We stuck with white and black for base coats to simplify things. We poured a few glasses of wine and found a cheesy old 90’s romantic comedy on Netflix. They really didn’t take long to dry. But you do want to make sure they’re completely dry or they’ll smudge when you go to draw over the top of the paint.

We used Sharpies for the designs. You can use acrylic paints if you’d like but I felt that the Sharpie was easier. I chose metallic colors and drew animal prints (not that they go with my decor all that well but I thought they would be fun!) My friend made some really neat aztec prints using neon colors.

By the time the movie was done and our glasses were empty, the bottles were dry!

It was a great time catching up, and we still got to feel like we were “productive”. Of course every time we get the chance to get together, we never actually watch the movie and instead spend the whole time catching up on everything that’s happened in the months since the last time we were able to both find some time.

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